High standards happy customers
July 2020

Why PMC? High Standards, Happy Customers

At Priority Mortgage, we’ve been serving borrowers since 1984. We credit our highly skilled and dedicated team for our reputation in the real estate and financial communities. In fact, over 85% of our borrowers are either repeat customers or have been referred by someone they know and trust. We view our happy customers as lifelong […]

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Refinance Your Home
February 2020

Must-Consider Reasons to Refinance in 2020

2020 has started off well with mortgage interest rates with levels not seen since 2016. For this reason, it may be the right time to review your current mortgage interest rate and/or loan term and explore options to refinance. Many mortgage lenders recommend a minimum interest rate savings, but at Priority Mortgage, we say “that […]

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When To Refinance
July 2017

How to Know When to Refinance

Homeownership, the interest rate market and big life events are all great indicators of when to refinance your home. These scenarios range from needing a new roof or home remodeling project to pulling cash out to pay down other consumer debt or fund a college education. Here’s how to know when to refinance: Understanding when […]

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An illustration of how to know when to refinance.
May 2016

How to Know When to Refinance – Q&A With Derek Harris, Mortgage Loan Originator

What is your name and title? Derek Harris, Mortgage Loan Originator How can a homeowner determine if they should refinance their home? The first step is to determine the homeowner’s goals. One homeowner may be trying to reduce their monthly mortgage payment while another prefers to shorten the term of their mortgage. Another homeowner may […]

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September 2013

Why Wait? There’s Still Time to Refinance Your Mortgage!

Have you been thinking about refinancing but waiting for the right time? Maybe you already refinanced and are thinking about doing it again? When is the right time and what should you consider? If you are still waiting for the best time to refinance or get a mortgage to buy a new home, now is […]

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