A family that believes real estate is one of the best investments long-term.

Real Estate Ranked as One of the Best Investments by Americans 

Despite the uncertainty of the past two years, it seems that America’s belief in the long-term investment value of homeownership has been, is, and will always be, very strong. For the eighth year in a row, research shows in a recent survey that Americans regard real estate as the best long-term investment when asked to […]

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Columbus, Ohio, one of the top 10 housing markets.

Top 10 housing markets where listings sell in under a week

Article originally from National Mortgage News The increase in remote work during the pandemic drove many consumers to relocate to places with larger properties, more land and better affordability over the past year. And with mortgage rates at historic lows, homes were sold at a breakneck speed and at astronomical rates of price growth. Listings flying off the market quickest in the […]

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Hottest Real Estate Market

Columbus has been Named the Hottest Real Estate Market in the Nation

As the high-season of home buying begins, Columbus has been named the hottest real estate market in the nation by Realtor.com.  And there are no signs of it cooling off anytime soon. Josh HIll, President of Priority Mortgage Corporation, says, “April is shaping up to be one of the strongest closing months that we’ve seen […]

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Multigenerational Homes

Now Trending: Multigenerational Living

Multigenerational living is currently trending in the housing market. The shift can be attributed to several factors, including increasing housing costs, the fact that Americans are living longer, and a growing and increasingly diverse immigrant population. According to a 2018 Pew Research report, a record 20 percent of the U.S. population, 64 million people, lived […]

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Emerging Trends in Real Estate

2015 was one of the strongest years for the real estate market in history. 2016 is shaping up to be as good and possibly even better. With unemployment steadily declining, consumers are starting to buy again, boosting the real estate market into a success. With the market increasing, here are current trends to watch. Inventory […]

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