October 2018

Sell Your Home Faster by Investing in Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home speaks volumes to a potential buyer about how well you’ve maintained the interior and backyard. Follow these tips to improve curb appeal in order to prepare for maximum buyers and price points, and sell your home faster. Clean Up Landscaping Invest time into cutting the grass, trimming the bushes, and […]

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When To Refinance
July 2017

How to Know When to Refinance

Homeownership, the interest rate market and big life events are all great indicators of when to refinance your home. These scenarios range from needing a new roof or home remodeling project to pulling cash out to pay down other consumer debt or fund a college education. Here’s how to know when to refinance: Understanding when […]

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Second Home in Florida
May 2017

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Second Home in Florida

Alluring beaches, crystal-clear waters, warm weather…there are many reasons why Florida is one of the most visited states in America. If you catch yourself visiting the Sunshine State at least once a year, it may be time to stop spending money on hotels and invest in a second home in your favorite vacation spot. Many […]

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Mortgage Pre-Approval
March 2017

Why Should I Get Pre-Approved

Today’s fast past real estate market is great news for buyers and sellers alike. As the buyer, mortgage pre-approval works in your favor. Take a look at our infographic below to learn more. Why Mortgage Pre-Approval is Important? Pre-Approval Gives You Peace Of Mind Getting pre-approved provides a range of how much home you can afford, […]

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homebuying process
March 2017

No-Stress Homebuying

Buying a home will likely be the largest financial decision for most people and families. The homebuying process from start to finish can cause stress and anxiety for first-time homebuyers and experienced purchasers alike. At Priority Mortgage we understand the stressors of committing to buying a home, beginning at the pre-approval stage, to the home […]

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Smart Homes
February 2017

Now Trending: Smart Homes

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Technological improvements for the home are not only trending but they are also revolutionizing quality of lifestyle. Find out why, when shopping for a new home more and more people are opting for smart homes technology. Convenience About 46 percent of consumers want their home to […]

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Young attractive couple in love happy together thinking and imaging blueprints floor plan and design of new house home flat or apartment in real state concept
December 2016

Millennials and Homebuying Trends

We hear a lot about how the Millennial generation is moving back in with the parents rather than buying homes of their own. The data tells a different story, though—Millennials may be delaying buying a home, but they most definitely still believe in the American dream of homeownership. Facts on Millennials and Homebuying Yes, Millennials […]

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September 2016

School Districts Make a Difference on Property Values

Many factors impact the home buyer’s decision, including the look of the home, the floor plan, the size of the home and the neighborhood. However, one of the most essential considerations has become the quality of the local school district. This factor means that homes in the best school districts, on average, sell for more […]

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May 2016

How to Know When to Refinance – Q&A With Derek Harris, Mortgage Loan Originator

What is your name and title? Derek Harris, Mortgage Loan Originator How can a homeowner determine if they should refinance their home? The first step is to determine the homeowner’s goals. One homeowner may be trying to reduce their monthly mortgage payment while another prefers to shorten the term of their mortgage. Another homeowner may […]

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April 2016

Advice for First-Time Homebuyers

At Priority Mortgage, we’ve helped countless first-time homebuyers navigate the process of securing a home mortgage loan. Along the way, we’ve learned plenty of lessons right along with our clients. Here’s some of the best advice our experienced loan officers can give to first-time homebuyers. What is one piece of advice that you think every […]

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