iPhone Photography Tips for Real Estate

iPhone photography

Beautifully composed property photos are essential to making any real estate listing stand out above the rest on multiple listings websites and social media. While you can certainly choose to use an expensive DSLR camera to shoot your new listing, with a bit of know-how, you actually can use your iPhone to capture those alluring pics. 

Here are a few simple tips to take high-quality photos of your real estate listings with your Apple iPhone. 

iphone photography real estate

Get Familiar with Your Camera App

We know this sounds rather obvious, but taking a quick photo of your pet and taking photos for your real estate listing require a different set of know-how. Be sure you know how and when to use your flash, how to zoom in and out, and adjust for low-light conditions. 

Pro TIp: If you want to step up your photography more, learn how to take photos in HDR mode (High Dynamic Range), which merges multiple images into one photo with a more realistic pop.

Set the Stage

When preparing to take photos of your real estate listing, keep in mind  that the centerpiece of the home is the actual home and not the decor and personal effects on display. This likely will require some decluttering, removing personal mementos and knick-knacks, and rearranging the furniture so that the home looks spacious. Remember to let in lots of natural light and tidy up before taking the photos. 

Capture the Light

Because you likely don’t have professional lighting equipment, try to take advantage of the Golden Hour. The Golden Hour is the period of time that occurs during sunrise and sunset when the sun is hovering around the horizon. The effect of shooting during golden hour is a bright, yet soft, light that floods nearly every space with an ideal amount of exposure that can be captured even by a lower resolution phone camera.

iphone photography real estate

Create Your Shot

You will want to showcase as much of the space as possible in your photos, so you will likely want to stand in the corner of the room to take the photos. With that said, be sure to get any unique features of the room, such as large windows, built-in shelves, and any architectural details, in the shot. And remember, natural light will give your photos a warm and inviting feel! 

Pro Tip: Make sure you’re not taking a selfie! Check your mirrors and make sure you (and your phone) are out of the shot. 

Get the Right Angle

While it is tempting to take photos from eye level and call it a day, your photos will turn out better if they are from either higher or lower than eye level. Use a tripod or even a selfie stick to help you get the right angle of the room. 

Pro Tip: Shoot your images in horizontal or “landscape” mode. They will look more consistent and professional and may fit the templates of most real estate websites better.

Don’t Be Afraid To Edit

Even the greatest photographers edit their photos. Whether you need to lighten or darken the photo or crop it, there are a number of photo editing apps available for use, many for free or very low cost. Go easy on editing photos, because too much manipulation can actually detract from the photo.

Now that you have the plans to capture beautiful listing images, right on your iPhone, read our recommendations for expressing gratitude in real estate.