The New Normal: Home Trends

The impact that the pandemic has had on how we live, work, and learn has resulted in many evaluating their current home, moving, or rethinking what they are looking for in their first home. Let’s take a look at some of the top home trends that are emerging as we all settle into this new normal.

New Normal Home Trends Suburbs


While there has been a growing trend of moving into more urban areas and leaving the suburbs behind, it now seems that more and more people are searching for more room to breathe. More people are buying homes in suburbs and the available inventory of those homes is decreasing much faster than those available in urban areas.

The drastic increase in companies allowing their workforce to work from home also is having an impact on where people choose to live. Many people are no longer tied to a specific office or even city for employment and can make decisions about where to live based on other factors, like the cost of living, proximity to family and friends, and the size of homes and land available.

A woman who is enjoying the home office home trend.

Space to Work and Learn

With remote working and learning becoming a staple in many people’s lives, it is no surprise that a major home trend is the creation of extra space to create workspaces for students and working parents. Many are seeking out homes that have enough bedrooms for everyone, along with additional space for an office or student workspace. Sometimes, one home office isn’t enough. Pop-up home offices are becoming a thing by turning a small closet into an extra office nook or sectioning off a corner of a room to add a workspace that blends in during non-working hours.

Take a lot of Zoom calls? You may need a Zoom Room, which is a dedicated room or corner of your home that features an aesthetically pleasing background for video conference calls. Typically removed from high-traffic parts of the house – and definitely free from clutter – the Zoom Rooms are becoming so important that real estate listings are starting to include them.

A fire pit representing increased emphasis on outdoor spaces.

Bringing the Indoors Out

As we all spend more time at home, the backyard is getting more attention than ever. Whether creating a front porch that is family photo-ready or a place to connect with neighbors from a distance, or a backyard oasis that is an extension of your home, outdoor spaces have never been more important.

Backyards, big and small, are getting spruced up with fire pits, cozy outdoor furnishings, or a pergola or roofed patio to ensure the space can be used regardless of the weather. Fire pits are particularly popular. And don’t be surprised if you suddenly see gardens popping up in your neighbor’s backyard or as part of the outdoor patio in containers. Gardening has become a popular hobby, reminiscent of the “victory garden” trend that first started in World War I in response to food shortages.

Home Privacy

Designing for Privacy

While we all know that the open floor plan has been wildly popular for decades, it seems that it isn’t the best design when it comes to desiring some privacy or space to concentrate. Although homeowners are not rushing to add walls just yet, they are using privacy screens, furniture, or even plants to create secluded areas within their home.


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