Mortgage Lending: It May Be The Right Career For You

Samantha Armbruster

Sharing the Career Path of Priority Mortgage Loan Originator Samantha Armbruster

Almost four years ago, with no experience or knowledge about mortgage lending or real estate, Samantha Armbruster kicked off her mortgage career after graduating with a Public Relations degree from Franklin University. Her career path at Priority Mortgage began as a junior processor, learning the processes, loan products and underwriting guidelines. Then, she progressed to Mortgage Loan Assistant, and most recently she has assumed the role of full-time Mortgage Loan Originator.

Samantha recognizes her good fortune of “learning from some of the industry’s most talented mortgage professionals which provided a valuable foundation to start originating” for herself. She was recognized with the Ohio Mortgage Bankers Association “Future Leaders” award in 2019.

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Samantha shares her perspective on Priority Mortgage and mortgage lending:

Why should someone in a different job consider a career or career change to mortgage lending?

I think someone should consider making the leap into mortgage lending because it’s a fast paced, fun environment and every day is different. My happiness to come to work every day is one of the biggest factors that I love about my job, because not only do I get to help potential homeowners secure their American Dream, but I also have fun while doing it! From my co-workers at Priority Mortgage to the different clients, realtors and other industry professionals that I interact with on a daily basis, there is never a dull moment and each day is an opportunity to learn something new.

Why do you enjoy working at Priority Mortgage?

I love working at Priority, because although it sounds cliche, I truly feel like I am working with family. At Priority, you are not one of many like most big banks, every employee has a name and a face and a personal relationship with co-workers, leadership and affiliates. I am also lucky enough to call many of my coworkers great friends outside of the office because everyone genuinely cares for one another and enjoys each other’s company.

Who is your ideal customer?

My ideal customer is a go-getter. I love customers that are eager and excited to purchase their first or next home. There is nothing better than having a client who is willing to do their homework and gather what I need in order to get to the closing table. When I have clients that are motivated and proactive, everyone wins because it allows me to do my job quickly and efficiently. These types of clients not only make my job easier, but they also save time in processing and underwriting because they have provided the tools to deliver a quick and painless home buying experience.

What is your number one piece of advice for someone planning to start a career in mortgage lending?

My biggest piece of advice to someone looking to begin a career in mortgage lending is to become a sponge and soak up as much information as you can from everyone you meet in the real estate sector and mortgage industry. At Priority, I am lucky to be surrounded by many veteran loan officers, underwriters and leadership who have been in the industry since I was born – literally. Not only do each of these people have the experience and wisdom that I crave, but they are all open and willing to share their experiences and knowledge to assist and guide me as I structure my own transactions.

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If you or someone you know is considering a career change or seeking that next opportunity that rewards those that work hard in a company that supports your efforts through its team, products and services, connect with Priority Mortgage President Brad Ratliff or visit our career page for more information.