Priority Mortgage Corp. Is a Mortgage Banker

Mortgage Banker

Security Stronger than a Bank:  Since 1984, we’ve weathered major economic challenges including the great recession that crumbled the financial industry large and small.

Complete Control over the Entire Loan Process:  Originating, Processing, Underwriting, Funding and Closing, all under 1 roof. We do it all. 

Specialized in Mortgage Lending:  Not affiliated or owned by any other entity.  We are only interested in helping people avoid overpaying for their mortgage and do not cross sell and push other bank products and services.

Flexibility to Shop:  We have relationships with multiple investors and lenders for products and rates. We are not a one size fits all organization.

Ability to Quickly Adapt:  We do not have 35 layers of management that must approve something as simple as changing a light bulb.

Seat at the Table:  Our employees contribute on a daily basis on how best to improve processes and procedures.  Bottom up vs. Top down.

Priority Mortgage Corp. = Mortgage Banker

Mortgage Banker