Underwriter Nan Long On The Priority Mortgage Difference

Underwriter Nan Long realized long before she started working for Priority Mortgage that it is a special place. She began her career as an underwriter at a “big bank” where Priority Mortgage was a customer and she says, “they were a delight to work with.”  They were professional and knew their business. It seemed that all of the underwriters wanted to work the organized, complete mortgage files submitted for underwriting from the Priority team.

Now that she is part of the staff at Priority, Nan appreciates the extensive history that nearly everyone in the company has in the mortgage industry. She feels that “everyone’s voice is heard,” and that the entire staff is engaged and always looking for ways to improve the customer’s transaction.  While it can be easy to fall into the trap of doing things a certain way “because we have always done things this way,” she says at Priority there is always someone pointing out a way to improve the process. 

She notes, that “In most places I have worked, there are some hardworking employees and some not so hard working.  This is the first place I have worked where everyone pulls their own weight. Everyone pulls together to get the job done.” 

How are you, as an underwriter, able to simplify the mortgage loan process?

As an underwriter, it is important to be able to look at different options to meet guidelines. Because we are the experts on the different products, we sometimes can save or enhance a deal if the loan officer was not aware of a change or a new product.  In today’s mortgage world, guidelines change daily, and it is our responsibility to keep current on these changes to guide the process effectively and efficiently. 

Why should mortgage loan originators work for an organization, like Priority, that has an underwriting team working onsite, alongside the processing team?

The most important thing to every loan officer is a solid team behind them. Having the team onsite allows the processing and underwriting departments to structure transactions together to meet product guidelines, making for a smooth transaction from start to finish.