On Point with Priority Mortgage: A Conversation with Mike Roman

Mike Roman headshot.

Beginning his career as a Mortgage Loan Originator, Mike Roman joined the Priority Mortgage team because he felt that they offer the perfect balance between the long-term goals of their clients, as well as their employees.  “Priority is a very trusted and family-oriented company. A lender that will always put their borrowers’ needs before everything else.”

Starting his tenure as a Loan Processor has allowed him to truly understand the origination process, and what it takes to close a loan. Taking this path to becoming a Mortgage Loan Originator, along with several other colleagues, has led to what he believes to be a very knowledgeable staff of MLO’s who are comfortable assisting their clients every step of the way. “I use my knowledge and expertise as a Loan Processor to guide clients through a productive and smooth origination process.” 

Mike says that it is obvious that Priority Mortgage takes pride in the diverse team that they have assembled, especially one that is able to adapt to the changing demands of the industry. “From MLOs who have worked for over 30 years, to new college graduates, every day is a learning experience for us to meet the needs of our clients. As a new member of the team, I look forward to learning from the best and continuing to move this company forward into the future.”

What made you believe that Priority Mortgage provides a perfect balance between the long-term goals of their clients, as well as their employees?

Before joining Priority, I was fortunate enough to speak with previous clients as well as other members in the mortgage industry and I received only positive feedback. Whether it was a title company rep, or mortgage insurance specialist, everyone I spoke with emphasized Priority’s willingness to put the borrowers first in order to ensure a smooth transaction.  I knew that this company would be a great place to work when I heard from these outside sources the various ways that Priority stands out amongst other lenders in the central Ohio area.

Starting out as a Loan Processor provides a deep understanding of loan type and borrower requirements – what are your top 3 recommendations to first-time home borrowers based upon your processing experience?

Buying a home, especially for the first time, is typically one of the largest financial decisions that someone makes in their life. With a background in processing loans, my first recommendation would be not to rush this process. It is important to take the time that is needed to find not only the right home, but also the right mortgage product. 

Often times loan officers attempt to gain clientele by pitching how quickly they can close a loan. However, especially in the case of first time homebuyers, no one should be rushed. Homebuyers should be guided through every step of the process so that they understand the options they have, and the outcome that they will receive as a result.  

The next recommendation that I would have is to always keep long-term goals in mind. It is very exciting to purchase your first home, however, borrowers should remember that it is an investment, as well as a roof over their head.  While it is ideal to be comfortable in your new home, it is also important to know that your lender is keeping your long-term financial health in mind.   

Finally, my last recommendation to a first time home buyer is not to be sold solely on the interest rate. It is important to consider not only the rate, but also the monthly payments to ensure it is the right mortgage product for long-term financial goals. 

Share with us words of wisdom for other loan processors considering a move to mortgage loan origination. Any pointers or considerations?

My biggest piece of advice to processors who are considering this move would be to keep an open mind and to be a sponge for new ideas. Especially when processing for several loan officers, you have the opportunity to learn different styles and decide  what fits you best. Every loan originator conducts business slightly different, so being a loan processor first gives you a leg up on the other MLOs as you can pick and choose what you like and don’t like. Whether it is how to organize files, or how to help your next borrower, learning from past loan officers has been the most influential piece to my long-term success here at priority mortgage.