On Point with Priority Mortgage: A Conversation with Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis Graphic.

With Priority Mortgage for 19 years, Jennifer Davis spent the first part of her career as a loan processor before becoming a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) just over three years ago. 

Since becoming an MLO, she has experienced incredible success, realizing $12M in production in her first full year, $17.5M in 2017, $25M in 2018—and she is on track to surpass $35 million in 2019. She also has been recognized by the Columbus Mortgage Bankers Association each year for her production levels and participation in the group. She credits her success to Priority Mortgage’s culture, professional structure, and support. “I can’t say enough GREAT things about this company and what keeps me here. 

First and foremost is the family feeling you get working for a smaller company,” Jennifer said. “It is unique that a small company like Priority Mortgage has been around for 35 years, operating under the same name and still has involvement from its original owners.” She believes that it speaks volumes for the integrity of Priority Mortgage that a number of employees have been with the company since day one, and employees who have left oftentimes come back.

Jennifer appreciates that when needing assistance structuring loans there is a team of individuals ready to help find a solution and that the service offered to associates and clients, alike, is incomparable within the industry. “After hearing what goes on in the industry from referral partners,” she says, “I know and trust that the Priority Mortgage team has everyone’s best interest in mind. We don’t miss closing dates and our turn-times are some of the best in the business.” 

As is common in the mortgage industry, Jennifer said that other companies attempt to recruit her on a daily basis. In doing her due diligence, she has sat down with many of them and compared their rates and fees to what is offered at Priority Mortgage. ”Just taking the time to do this made me even more confident that I am working for the best mortgage company in Central Ohio.” 

We recently sat down with Jennifer to talk about her life and career, as well as mortgage industry trends.

Q: When you meet with recruiters, what are the top differentiators that validate your feelings that you are “working for the best mortgage company in Columbus”?

JD: First and foremost are the rates that we are able to offer at Priority Mortgage. Because our rates are oftentimes up to a quarter percent lower than other firms in the market, we have been able to build up significant referral business from local real estate agents. Realtors have learned to refer their clients directly to our company—to go directly to the best—rather than having their clients shop around for the best rate and ultimately end up at Priority Mortgage anyways.

Secondly, it’s the smaller company environment that allows me to offer more personalized attention to each of my clients. Everyone on the Priority Mortgage team who works on our clients’ transactions are local, so there’s never a time when we are waiting on a response from someone out of the region or state. 


Q: How do you believe the support staff at Priority Mortgage adds value to each transaction and helps to get to closing with happy, relieved borrowers? 

 JD: At Priority Mortgage, I have my own team including two assistants who work to pull paperwork together in a timely manner so that it is ready to move to the next step. Our entire staff—especially our support staff—truly care about getting our clients to closing, and it shows. One of my Processors went above and beyond on a file that everyone else had given up on. She kept pushing forward with the client and ultimately got it to the closing table.  I cannot stress enough how valuable it is to have assistants who care enough to keep working on transactions, even when others may have stopped. 

When I am at closings, I frequently hear title companies rave about working with Priority Mortgage. They say that we always have the closing package ready and the necessary funding and authorizations completed in advance of the closing, resulting in a smooth and efficient process. That too is a testament to the work of the entire team at Priority Mortgage. 


Q: What are three words you would use to describe Priority Mortgage?

 JD: Efficient, Reliable, Great Value 


Q: Tell us about your office in Grove City

JD: In Grove City, we have a small office—with just myself and one assistant. I love it because it is quaint, quiet, and very private. With that said, we have constant contact with our main office in Worthington. One of my assistants is located there and the staff is always readily available to help us. 

Overall, I spend much of my time out-and-about at closings and taking calls—no day is ever the same!


Q: What do you think is going to happen to mortgage interest rates in 2020?

JD: I hear rates are supposed to stay low moving into 2020. The market has been so good since 2016, that I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not able to maintain the pace that it is at currently.

With that said, I am truly looking forward to another great year ahead.