The Priority Mortgage Advantage

Loan Process

“Our simple, modest efforts began with hard work, strong values, and good people.” – Sam Hill, Founder

Worry-Free Lending
Since 1984, and still under the direction of our original owner, Priority Mortgage has sought to make the loan process as clear, simple and worry-free as possible. We take the time to ask questions and listen to our clients so that we can put together an innovative loan package that meets your overall financial needs and long-term goals

A Local Resource
Priority Mortgage is now lending in Ohio and Florida. Our home office is based in Worthington, Ohio, and we operate branch offices in Grove City and Jackson, Ohio. When you work with us, your loan will be taken care of locally and not by support staff in other areas of Ohio, or in other areas of the country.

All-in-One Provider
At Priority Mortgage, our focus is on mortgages and mortgages only. We combine the best of what traditional banks and mortgage brokers offer, and our originators are rigorously trained and continuously seek out new trends in the industry. From application to processing to underwriting and closing, we handle the financial process from start to finish.

Lifetime Relationship
More than 85% of our borrowers are repeat customers or have been referred to us by someone they know and trust. We offer so much more than just the lowest interest rate, and are looking for lifelong customers, not one-time deals. We will continue to monitor trends and interest rates for your next opportunity, and will stay in touch as a trusted advisor to educate you and serve as your ultimate resource for mortgage financing information.

Choosing the right mortgage company and mortgage loan originator can help you have a better understanding of total costs, loan eligibility and direct you through the entire home buying process. If you are ready to take the plunge and purchase your new home, or are seeking to refinance or consolidate debt, contact the team at Priority Mortgage here.