Why Choose Priority Mortgage

From traditional Banks to Mortgage Brokers, we understand that you have options when it comes to mortgage financing. We are excited to offer you a “Best of Both Worlds” option.  At Priority Mortgage we combine the best of what Banks and Mortgage Brokers have to offer, providing the ultimate mortgage experience under one roof!

Important Reasons to Choose and Refer Priority Mortgage

  1. We communicate…You will not be lost in the shuffle.
    We talk in any venue you and/or your customers prefer – from emails, to phone calls, to text messages – even in-person meetings. We set expectations in the beginning and we adhere to those.
  2. We deliver.
    We do what we say. Our goal is to under-promise and over-deliver by setting the right expectations and delivering on those expectations throughout the entire process.
  3. We have a strong reputation.
    It’s no secret that the housing market is tight at the moment. We have had several customers win a contract over other offers because they were pre-approved by Priority Mortgage. Many Realtors know that we will deliver and they advise their clients accordingly.
  4. We do it all under one roof.
    Yes, from application, to processing, to underwriting and closing, we do it all. Under one roof with one team – your loan will be taken care of locally and not by support staff in other areas of Ohio or in other areas of the country.
  5. We mentor and impart our knowledge.
    Since 1984, we have had a wide range of experienced and new Mortgage Loan Originators. This diversity of skills has been a great recipe for success for all generations.
  6. We ONLY do mortgages.
    Specializing in mortgage lending, we focus on our customer’s mortgage needs only. We do not cross-sell other products such as banking, insurance and investment accounts.
  7. We’re flexible.
    We work with many different lenders, offering a wide range of products and rates. Therefore, you and/or your customers have many options at Priority Mortgage!
  8. We adapt.
    With experience and a supportive team, we adapt and pivot with market changes quickly and easily.

In the words of Priority Mortgage founder, Sam Hill, “Our simple modest efforts began with hard work, strong values and good people.”

If you or someone you know is in the market for a mortgage, contact the Priority Mortgage team at 614-431-1141. We look forward to serving your mortgage needs!