Why We #THINKPINK: PMC Rockstar Barb Harrison

Over the years Barb Harrison has served Priority Mortgage in many roles: Processor, Underwriter and Originator. But the one title she has held in our minds for seven years is Survivor. Meet Barb Harrison, one of our Breast Cancer Survivors and PMC “Rockstars.” This is why we #THINKPINK. (And keep reading to find out how you can, too.)

Q: When and how did you first find out you have breast cancer?
January 2008 doing a routine mammogram.

Q: How has breast cancer affected your outlook on life?
I thought I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle by never smoking and regularly exercising, so it floored me. I learned that life will throw you challenges and to face them head on and the love and support from family and friend will always get me through anything!  

Q: What message do you have for others who have been diagnosed?
Stay busy, be positive and just take one day at a time. Go to work, go to your kids soccer games even if you don’t have the strength. Don’t let the disease take over your life in any way.

Q: What is one thing you want people to know about your story?
Don’t take my health for granted. It’s not a death sentence and you can definitely beat it. 7 plus years!

Q: What’s the best way to spread breast cancer awareness?
Sharing my story and encourage everyone to always get a yearly mammograms.

Q: Who was your champion throughout your journey?
Definitely my friends and family but especially my kids is what ultimately kept me going.